Rotoconversion Energy Saving Method

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Motor, Electrical, Alternate current , hi impedance.

Rotary converter:

(1)Method to operate a 3PH motor in simil to rotophase mode operation but at specific hi impedance to create a low
loss energy transformation from the electrical energy source to mechanical one, term = (Rotoconversion) electrical energy to mechanical energy conversion with extreme low power loss and hi energy savings.

(2)Current art:

Most normal Motors operate at low impedance resulting in a total energy waste under variable loading , motor wastes power no matter what way is loaded in its range of power output .


Standard 1HP motor consumes on average 890W (Non loaded) .

New Art :

Rotoconversion motor was made from rewiring standard 7.5 HP 3PH motor (US motor 3450 RPM 3PH dual winding 230/460 VAC)
to RV hi impedance mode.

Motor is wired to hi impedance (460VAC) and run in 120VAC
from any 60CPS common house outlet or AC battery powered inverter (solar powered aplication)

As per illustration 1

Motor wired to hi impedance 460VAC were capacitors are used to start and run it , were one capacitor remains as runing and the other is used temporary connected as to start unit
in a 3PH vectored configuration,being powered by 120VAC at 60 cps.

That permits motor to aquire a hi impedance low loss relation being semy resonant to line under non loaded
operation resulting on power on demand condition were motor demand responds to loading resulting in extreme power saving over conventional motors .

Iddling power as low as 3 watts had being attained
being 97%-99.88% efficient with an under load power
factor of 1 (unity)

Iddling power input of setup (Under 40W)

(749W input increase under load )

Output one HP ( 746W mechanical load).

Back to under 40W after loading disconnect.

Illustration 2 for one of early experimental setups.

Advantages :

Electric motor technology can reduce up to 90% energy waste of standard motor use aplications (today).

Public References :

The technology itself (Public Open Sourced ) info, free schematics, resources, video demostrations, field aplications.

March 10 2010

Hector Perez Torres

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A.R.K C 1999,2010


What problem does your design idea solve?

(energy Waste)

What are the benefits?

(near no energy loss)

How is your idea novel or an improvement on what is currently available in the marketplace?

100 % power waste electric motors vesus 90% energy savings ones.

Where would this idea be applied? (worlwide)
What is the market potential? (trillions USD)
How does your design work? (3)
How would your product be manufactured?
How would the production cost compare with products already in the marketplace?

(Can be constructed from off shelf parts same or lower cost)

The best design ideas will: (all are aplicable)

Improve quality of life
Automate tedious tasks
Prevent or reduce injuries
Improve public safety and security
Save time and money
Offer alternative energy solutions
Reduce consumption of natural resources
Lead to other product improvements



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