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Rolling COMBS FLAT MULTI Rullatici machines currently in use are made of tool rooms where there are housing-combs roll geometries that in most cases are threads in metric units or English. In this case, the adjustments that will produce perfect geometry and finishing details, are obtained by the classical rules supplied with the machine. Not always, however, you are faced with simple geometries with a single tool to execute, often we have to make complex parts and have more parts with different geometries, and must be finished with tools sectors, side by side or stacked s each other. 


The idea is to make the most versatile as possible using the rolling machine in the area where it is in fact contained the heart of the machine: the area that houses the tools that deform the emphasis on obtaining the desired shape. In order to optimize the use of the car was built incorporating the support tools, in correspondence of each tool, after the threaded holes are fine pitch, and through hardened pins provide braking to advance the tools individually to each other so easily, the target to increase or decrease the pressure on the workpiece with big time savings. The machine can be supplied most of blocks tool to accommodate different tool families greatly increasing the versatility of the spinning head, lowering the time set-up and speed up time to complete change of equipment. In conclusion we have named this device lock tool multiregolante can be mass-produced and adapted to every rolling machines on the market.


Today more than ever, research competitiveness by companies, it is necessary to keep markets acquired and win any of the others. Becomes imperative, therefore, reduce manufacturing costs up. Innovation, new technologies applied to plants, reducing the time machine set-up, are those procedures that allow you to recover productivity. The innovation proposed is specifically designed to optimize and make more flexible production of small lots, with a solution that allows you to cut costs by reducing the economic impact on the finished product thanks to the ease with which you can manage the machine is being fitting that during operation, the allocation tool designed to accommodate additional rooms combs of various shapes and sizes to speed up gear change times.


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