Tapless Solid Body Threaded Insert

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My tapless insert design allows solid body threaded inserts to be installed into simple drilled holes. Installation of the insert requires pressing the insert into the hole and using a bolt and washer to pre-load the insert. By eliminating the need to tap each hole this could save companies at least 50% in manufacturing time. It also cuts the time needed to install the inserts.

Current solid body inserts have a threaded outside diameter. To install them you must first pre-drill a hole, then tap the hole. The insert is then threaded into the hole and secured using hammer driven pins and/or thread locking epoxy.

Inserts, such as Keenserts are very commonly used in the aerospace and vibration testing industry. Solid body inserts are necessary when tapped holes are required in soft metals such as Magnesium. Solid body inserts allow higher loads without deforming the surrounding material. Solid body inserts create a higher pull-out strength and good durability of the threads. Solid body inserts are typically made from hardened steel. Some applications require the installation of hundreds or thousands of inserts.


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