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At present ,the high demand of dry food is very high and the process used commonly becomes very expensive to supply her involving high costs in machinery and qualified personnel.
The w-select is a technological tool that it allows at the companies to improve your productive processes optimizing time, resources and more important, reducing costs of a substantial way.

This innovative process of selection of dry food is realized by means of filtration by vibration of a piston. The such dry food as beans, lentils, vetches between others, they are fed thanks to the effect of the gravity by the tray of supply that contains an electromagnet to gather the metallic particles that the initial product could contain and moved with rind towards the sieves.

Previous to the process of screening find a compressor, which by means of strong flows of air allows separating the food of residues and they lead the residues towards the first recollector.

The screening one carries out by means of the constant vibration originated by the piston, which is driven by an engine and straps. In the low part of the sieve there are gathered the residues of fewer size in some cases are used as by-product. Later the final product is led to the trays of compilation which contain a container that thanks to a scale allows an exact measure of agreement the product.


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    The need to optimize a process of selection of dry grains (bean, chick-pea, lentils and others) trying to project strategically to the companies dedicated to the sector of the food.
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