Controlled Voltage Transformer Regulating System

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System can effectively detect an input and output voltage and adjust the transformer to give the required output voltage for the process. Should include multiple layers of protection including, but not limited to, overvoltage, undervoltage and surge protection. Indicator lights on the front of the panel will allow for a simple and accurate way to determine the cause of a system fault.

As opposed to a LTC(load tap changer), this product will allow for a wider range of voltages. In small processes a range of 600-120 volts input while effectively supplying 120volts out to the process.

This product will allow a user to have mobile equipment and allow them to connect to any standard low voltage power supply without delaying the start of the project due to availability issues of a proper power source that may arrise by moving equipment from one location to another. Original concept based on the idea of moving equipment from one ship to another and needing a licensed electrician to rewire a transformer in order to use power supplied by a ships generator power.

System will have protection preventing a someone from forcing the system into operation before criteria are met. This will help in the prevention of system damage caused by human error.

Output voltage criteria can be reset using a portable programmer or laptop. Output voltage is limited only by the transformer the system will operate with. System best is used with a multi-tap transformer.


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