Laser sight for forklifts

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My entry is a remote controlled laser sight that indicates the position of the forks on a forklift. (Source

Loss of Valuable Resources

Accidents also have the capacity to destroy tangible assets valuable to your company. Damage to expensive industrial equipment such as forklifts may only be the tip of the iceberg; damage to the merchandise being transported, buildings and facilities, other vehicles, shelves, electrical systems, propane systems and loading can be costly, wasteful, and dangerous to future operations.
Some forklift accidents have been known to cause losses of hundred of thousands and even millions of dollars. Others, such as collision damage to ramps and shelves frequently cause serious accidents months and even years after the initial incident.
The best way to protect these assets is to make sure an accident never occurs in the first place!

High Maintenance Costs

Maintenance costs are usually not associated with safety training because a direct relation between the two is not usually obvious...
...UNTIL the training is implemented!
Many of our clients see their maintenance costs on forklift equipment drop drastically - in some cases as much as 90% - following implementation of the Forklift Operator Safety Program! The reason, quite simply, is that careful operators are not misusing equipment and causing undue and premature wear and tear on the machinery.
If your company is spending thousands of dollars replacing forklift parts and service each month, you may be surprised at how much of that money can be saved if the equipment is used correctly. Ongoing attention to safety procedures, taught during our Forklift Safety Instruction and Presentation Program, will cause those numbers to stay low and will pay for the cost of training many times over.

Needless to say, millions of dollars, every year, is wasted on damages caused by improper use of forklifts. Now, while this device won’t eliminate all damages, or decrease all personal injuries, it will decrease costs and potential injuries by providing an additional layer of safety and an additional tool that the operator can use to identify shelving, loading sites and positions.

My device was made with components from Builders Square and Walgreens. I used remote control relays, RF transmitter/receiver, and laser level components to create a device that is placed on the side of a forklift and positioned to a point where the laser point is even with the tips of the forklift.

Adjacent to my workplace is a warehouse instillation. My device has been used in a practical application and the response has been positive from operators.


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