Temporary Plug System for Underwater Pipe

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(See figure 1)
This is a temporary plug for a leaky underwater pipe.

First construct a 2 grid system that can be placed on top of each other. The grids will need to be strong enough to be stationary over the flow from the leak and can even be contoured to the shape of the pipe. The lower grid will fit inside the hole.

Once the lower grid is inside the hole extend the lower extensions by hydraulic or lever swing so the extended portion catch the ID of the pipe around the hole.

Tighten the screw down which tightens the lower grid to the upper grid system and visa versa pinching the edge of the hole, also. This can be completed by hydraulics or manual.

You should now have a frame structure over and attached to the hole.

(See figure 2)


The walls of the cylinder need to be non-stick and retractable. Inside the cylinder will be a collapsible thick hard rubber bladder. Inside the bladder is a smooth metal frame that assists in the extension of the bladder plugging the hole.

As air is inserted into the bladder the cylinder walls are slowly retracted. The inside bladder frame is also expanding to fit and cover next to the ID grid and plug the leaky hole. Expand bladder to the hole’s size.

(Remember to consider pressure and temperature for hydraulic fluid, air systems, and lubrications when working in water.)

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