Cooling Fuel Cells

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Cooling of bipolar plates in fuel cell systems affects the performance of the fuel cell directly and also provides system stability. It ensures dynamic response of fuel cell systems to launch innovative environment-friendly products on the market, which plays an important role regarding greenhouse effect and global warming. Several cooling variants regarding type of medium and the geometrical structure must be taken into consider by product development.

To provide steady cooling of the fuel cell systems and success a safe cooling design, a new approach for cooling water is performed. Innovative horizontal channels with changing channel geometries assures better cooled faces for bipolar plates by the way is a key point to increase the performance and stability of fuel cell systems.

Using Pro/Engineer CAD design tool several concepts are designed and with the help of COMSOL Multiphysics the variants are analyzed and also compared each other under the same constraints.

Horizontal and vertical concepts are compared. Placing two horizontal plates diagonally provides improved cooling performance and assures smooth temperature distribution over the bipolar plates namely also fuel cell.

Selection of the periphery elements could also be performed with the help of parameters given.


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    Evren Firat
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    Evren Firat, Sebastian Brokamp
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