Feed the World with Solar-Powered Tractors

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Massive Nibble© needs your vote so we can help feed the world by using our solar-powered Zero Pollution Engine™ in farm tractors and other machinery. Together, we can help feed the world with farm equipment that doesn't pollute and costs almost nothing to operate. Solar-powered equipment will allow crops to be planted, irrigated and harvested at minimal cost, for maximum profit. Family farms can flourish, increasing locally-grown food supplies and enhancing food security. When farming becomes more profitable, more people will get involved and farm children will be motivated to stay on the farm.

The same Zero Pollution Engine™ used to make solar-powered tractors can also be used to power the trucks used to deliver crops and dairy products to market. When the next fuel shortage occurs, deliveries can still be made to markets and grocery stores. People will not have to starve due to limited fuel supplies. Food and fuel security will be vastly improved and general commerce protected, by also using our solar-powered engine in cars and trucks.

Together, we can decrease dependence on fossil fuels, the pollution burning them causes and the pollution caused by drilling, pumping, mining, refining and transporting them. Because the Zero Pollution Engine™ can make power using any quality heat source, crop residues, manure, bedding and other renewable fuels can be used at night and during stormy weather, if necessary. Animal by-products can also be chopped, dried and burned, eliminating possible sources of groundwater pollution and allowing farms to process the meat animals they produce and sell them directly to the public. Farms could enjoy greater profit margins, while providing lower prices for their customers.

Farms will be able to generate extremely low-cost electricity, reducing the need to string power lines across the vast, empty spaces between farms. The pollution caused by making the poles and long wires, as well as the environmental destruction caused by their installation, can be largely eliminated. Farms can be completely energy self-sufficient, eliminating the need for external fuel and electricity supplies.

Together, we can decrease dependence on toxic herbicides through low-cost cultivation, giving the crops a head start on the weeds and helping to provide toxin-free food for your table. Modern digital camera-based vision systems, in combination with a smaller version of the Zero Pollution Engine™, could be used to make weed-pulling robots that could completely eliminate the need for toxic herbicides.

Building and road construction costs will also be reduced. High quality, low-cost gravel and/or concrete roads will boost every economy in the world. Road and driveway maintenance costs can be greatly reduced.

We want to help people take a massive bite out of pollution, thousands of little nibbles at a time. We’d like to see people everywhere get involved in re-powering equipment with Zero Pollution Engines© and making them too.

Together, let’s drastically reduce or eliminate demand for fossil fuels while feeding hungry people. Please give us your vote.


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    Jeremiah Haler
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    Jeremiah J. Haler, Owner, Team Leader; Michael Howard, Inventor
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    Autodesk Inventor 2010
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    Autodesk Vault
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    Fishing, enjoying time with the family.
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    Helping people, eliminating pollution, saving people money, helping people earn money.
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    Autodesk Inventor 2010; Google SketchUp
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