Micro Robot to Manufacture Your Own MEMS Parts

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Our micro robot – patent approved - is 5 x 5 mm small and holds a diamond. It moves with sub-micrometer precision in 3D space. The diamond drills holes, polishes mirrors, grinds lenses, cuts channels and mills 3-D parts of any shape. This creates solid parts with a precision of +/- 100 nano meter. The micro robot is a micro milling and boring machine and has the size of a coffee machine.
Produced parts are made of silicon, aluminum, steel, aluminum-oxide or plastics. Replace the diamond with a pneumatic gripper and you can pick micro parts. Replace it with a glue dispenser and you can assemble them together. This allows to further miniaturize tech products and even create new technologies.

Such micro robots have the potential to revolutionize the traditional wafer fabrication. This existing technology is limited to parts with more than 10’000 pieces because of the high initial cost of a wafer. Our micro robot offers micro technology to thousands of smaller and medium companies who were unable to invest in a wafer so far. Micro parts can be produced on demand in your own company. The minimum lot size is one! This will speed up the development and create new innovative products.

Our design is based on existing piezo actors, but has two major advantages: the controller and the highly optimized mechanics. We combined the calculation power of COMSOL with our 20-years experience in micro technology. The prototype was tested and further optimized by a leading University.

The micro robot would be open for any tool which can be mounted in the tool holder. This allows you to bring your tools into the micro world!


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