Laser Distance Signal

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This design presents a method for preventing vehicles from corroding each other. As experienced by most of people that two cars are driven on the road, the second car (the car behind) is often approaching the first car (the front car) so close that the driver in the first car almost feels that the second car will him. Looking back most traffic accidents, it is always caused by speed and distance between two cars. When a driver drives his car on the road at a certain speed (ex, 60-80 km/h=17 m/s- 22 m/s), he needs certain seconds to face unexpected events. However, if the driver in the second car drives too close to the first car, the danger is there. The accident is evitable if people drives his car at controllable speed and keeps certain distance from the first car. The traffic accidents on the road will then be decreased dramatically. The purpose of this design is trying to decrease the traffic accidents by using a type of device – Laser Distance Signal that will give a common signal to the driver in the second car and remind him slow down and keep certain distance with the first car.
The design consists of two parts. The first part is a laser sensor, which is used to measure the distance between objects (cars). In the meantime, this laser sensor will generate signals at different distances, and these signals will be transported to the second parts via cables/wires.
The second part consists of a mini micro-processor and an electronic switch (ON/OFF). The processor will receive the signals from the laser sensor, and process the signals and compare the actual distance with pre-set distance. If the actual distance is shorted than the pre-set distance, the processor will trigger the switch, and ON will be the activated. This part will be wired to the brake light system. This means that the brake light will be ON once the switch is activated. The pre-set distance is adjustable. For example, in the summer driving, the distance between vehicles can be slightly shorter than driving in the snowy winter. Determination of the actual distance is open for discussion.
After vehicle installed this laser-distance signal, the whole picture will be: if the second car is getting too close to the first car, the laser will generate the signals to the micro-processor and electronic switch, the switch will be turned ON, and thus the brake light will be turned ON. At this moment, the driver in the second car will notice that the front car will tend to stop, he will automatically slow down. Thus, the distance between the two cars is separated.


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