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Finally there is an alternative to the common tweezers. H-Square Corporation introduces the new, easy to use Nu-twEZers™.

Used throughout the semiconductor, biotech and many other industries, tweezers have not changed much in 500 years when they were first commercialized. Artifacts of crude tweezers are dated from around 300BC. So it is about time for a new design.

H-Square’s ergonomics minded engineers spring loaded these tools to assure consistent force and eliminate strain on the operator's hands while holding the object. The Nu-twEZers lessens the chance of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which can be caused from continued tweezers use. Next, ESD safety protects electronic items and semiconductor chips from damage while keeping particles from sticking to tool for cleanliness.

Customization is another important feature. Tips can be designed to fit non-standard chip trays and securely hold odd shaped objects. A range of spring tensions optimizes performance. High temperature and chemical resistant tips are also available. Optional color-coding help keep tools organized. Price is less than $200.

Please see the video demonstration of the Nu-twEZers. (

H-Square Corporation has been serving the electronics industry since 1975.


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