Multiple Purpose Filter

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We need the right filter in every sphere of life, have a dream for a universal filter which is user & environmently friendly, applicable everywhere changing minimum parts or consumables to reduced inventory, variable of filtration, finer to faster, helps worker to put valuable time and attention to productivity, hygienic system ensures health of valuable workforce, operation can be seen through transparent cover, open it like a car bonnet for smooth operation and handling, can be moved or stopped with wheel and stopper.
This is compact, user and environment-friendly, safe due to no sharp edges, UV lamp inside prevents bacteria generation, uses very negligible power, practically no attendant required, less inventory for parts and consumable, Dual stage filter ensures finer filter at lower cost and faster filtration.
No Bacteria ensures good health.
No handling of dirt and consumable frequently
No sharp edges ensured safety.
Environment free disposal
Fine filtration helps re-use Liquid
Energy saved , re-used other utilities.
Reduction of costly liquids, oil, coolant etc.
Reduce rejection, Better operation. Complimentary to other filtration systems.

Improvement of systems to get better filtration as per the its principle and technology. To Control turbulent inside, selection of the MOC, Value for money, Concern for health, Cost control on consumable, faster and finer filtration level, filtration in two level are salient features.

This system is good for all sort of liquid solid filtration, may be tea, cooking oil where the mass usage is for machine tool industry, chemical industry, and so on. Practically explores very wide range of application.

Huge. Almost all industries and application of liquid –solid separation with minimum 6-10 micron filtration is acceptable, this is the best viable filtration system.

Liquid –solid mix enters inside through inlet, glides into semicircular basket of wheel and filter bed through a distributor for smooth, controlled turbulence. Paper acts as carrier, solids deposited on bed turns into filter media. Sensor initiates to move the drive in the filter-media and used carries out solids in the dustbin. User friendly design ensures safety and value for money. Filtrate is allowed to pass through filter bad cassette for finer filtration.
Changing the sensor position, angle of distributor, turbulence is controlled. High hydrostatic head allows particles quick sedimentation, narrow width of filter media saves the filter media cost. No dirty handling, easy collection of solids along with the paper for easy disposal or usage. Less power consumption as the system runs in gravity.

Body is metallic, non-metallic, based on liquid and solid compatibility, parts are standard bought out products, takes maximum 2-3 hours for a single system once the components are ready.

15-30% higher than some products but calculating the usefulness it is really cost effective.


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