Improvement in design of Calipers for bamboo

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In todays scenario, manufacturing systems must compete in increasingly diverse and demanding markets which is price and quality sensitive. Customers demand quick response to their needs, and products have shorter life cycles than ever before. The issue is very important in context of Bamboo industries worldwide as this industry is the one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Bamboo is the best raw materials available on this earth as the growth is faster than wood and also is eco-friendly. In response to this context, the next generation of machine tools including measuring tools to be used for Bamboo industries should be reconfigurable, adaptable and intelligent. Reconfigurability allows for the reduction of machine design lead time, machine and tools set-up and ramp-up time. This paper shows the development of an approach to the design of reconfigurable measuring tools to allow faster and accurate measurment for processing of bamboo, based on a concurrent design reference model to Reconfigurable Machine Tool development. In response, a methodology for the development of this type of measurment tool is outlined and taken for discussion.

The present status context of availability of measuring instruments for Bamboo industries, there are various types of measuring tool used for measuring outer and inner diameter; such as Screw gauge and Vernier caliper etc. The simplest instrument widely in use for measuring Outer and Inner diameter are "Inside and Outside Caliper".

Additionally, after taking or doing the measurement of the Bamboo, the caliper instrument requires scale to get the readings of the measured data. Hence, the time taken for measuring both Outer and Inner diameter is more and also getting delayed due to non availability of other measuring instruments on the spot.

To reduce the time and improving efficiency, the measuring tool (Inside and Outside Caliper) has been redesigned to cater the needs of the followings accordingly:

1. Enabling to measure Outer and Inner diameter with single instrument/ tool using "Outside Caliper" only. In this way, there will be no use of using "Inside Caliper" seperately to measure the inner diameter. This will reduce time and effort also.



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