Hybrid Home Power System

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We are seeing a tremendous increase in efficiency of vehicles by using diesel and electricity in a hybrid configuration.

Perhaps this is time to combine the natural gas many have available at our home and which is a produce if the USA, for home power. (Not in a fuel cell the price is too high still. No a modern Tiny Diesel not powerful enough to handle the power demands at peak.

Electricity although it is "Marvelous" is not always the best answer.

First we will power the engine from natural gas from the piped municipal supply if possible. secondarily we will use Compressed Natural Gas brought in by tanker truck, or thirdly "Bio-Diesel" is a fine alternative from a variety of agricultural or recycling sources.

Internal Combustion Engines produce some heat due to inefficiencies but we will use that heat for heating domestic hot water and for space heating if any is "Left Over" perhaps for heating a "Green House Space" for mini-agriculture in the Winter. Then the Shaft can be used to drive an Alternator to produce AC Electrical power for the home. And any excess is used to charge a bank of batteries, with an inverter to supply Peak loads greater in power than the Alternator can handle.

The Engine will also drive directly the compressors for refrigeration and heat pumps for heating and air conditioning. The Engine exhaust will be fed to a heat exchanger to cool the exhaust and increase the temperature of water for other uses.

If the location permits and is suitable, Solar P.V. and/or wind turbines can increase charging input to the Battery pack and the diesel can be run fewer hours for charging and throttled back for compressor drive only most of the time. Diesels are more efficient at part throttle than gasoline engines, so if not carrying the electrical load it can idle down and still provide refrigeration and heat pump operation and waste heat will still maintain domestic hot water and space heating from engine cooling and exhaust heat exchanger. Remember, natural gas or bio-diesel are not imported, they are Alternative Fuels.

Notice I do not mention an Electrical grid connection. One can be included, but it is not mandatory. Instead we have the Battery Bank.


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