Anti Hijacking System for Aircraft

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It is in a form of a wristwatch which is tied over the wrist of all passengers individually at the security check. It is locked on the wrist and can be opened using a password only at disembarkation point. This system contains an injectable tranquilizer inside it. If the passenger tries to remove it, the injection system operates at once and tranquilizes the person. This system can also be operated with the help of global satellite network anywhere in the world, on ground level or when in the air. It can even be operated manually by any crew within the aircraft using remote control. This remote can be operated either by radio waves or infrared light.

If any person or a group of persons tries to hi-jack the aircraft, any one or more than one of the crew members can send a distress signal by just pressing a button provided at many places in the aircraft or with the remote available with all the crew members. This button activates a signal at air traffic control tower to indicate hi-jacking. AT the same time such buttons in the aircraft and/or remote controls with the crew members which are provided at many places inside the aircraft and can activate the anti hi-jacking system of that particular person/s belonging to a particular seat/ by its serial number. If at any case the remote or the manual button switch fails, the ground ATC Tower who are simultaneously activating the anti hi-jacking system from ground tranquilizes the hi-jacker/s at once.

The hi-jacker is caught alive for further interrogation. Please visit for more info.


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