Jet Ship

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In the current situation, transportation is very essential for human life. Everyone needs to move around the Earth for their daily needs. And they expect fastest and cheapest transportation. Among transportation methods, air way is the very fastest. We can round the Earth within a day. And it is costlier too. Coming to safety aspects, we cannot say that is safer. So we need safer transportation. The sea way transportation gets first place in safer transportation. But it would take lots of time to reach of destination. So my idea is to speed up the sea transportation by boosting the ship.
It is very simple idea to understand. By just fixing a jet engine at the sides of ship or at rear side of the ship we can get speed up transport vehicle. In general, jet engines are used to speed up the air way transportation. Some of the jet engines are designed for road vehicles to enhance their speed. So the concept of jet engine in ships is to get a fastest travel. And the placement of the jet engine in the ship is the more important feature. We have two options to place the jet engines. One is at rear end of the ship. Another one is at sides of centre of the ship. If we go for rear end means, only one jet engine is enough. We can also place two jets for more trust. But in the sides of the ship means, it is necessary to place two jet engines. To make clear understand see the image given (attached with this post).


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