Stationary computer without the big box

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Stationary computer without the big box:

Many people use a laptop instead of a traditional stationary computer just for saving space. They use it on their desk just as a desktop and do not change the location even if it is possible.

Mostly this is more expensive than a desktop computer and you are stuck with a relative small monitor.

As you anyway have to use a keyboard, you could as well build the electronics into the keyboard as one unit. The laptop computers around shows that making electronics small enough is not an issue, so all that are needed, for instance wlan, blue toot and so on, could be placed in the keyboard shell.

You have to add power with a transformer cord from the wall outlet and appropriate I/O contacts in the back or at the sides of the unit. You also need a blue ray recorder and player at one end.

You now also can afford a bigger monitor than if it has to be built into a laptop. A track ball could be built in as well, or you could use a normal mouse connected with USB.


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