INCA Artificial Gravity and Stealth Cloaks

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The Inter - Nodal Connector Architecture [INCA] (REG.U.S.PAT.OFF. #6,869,246) provides a Universal, one-piece-part dynamic assembly system capable of constructing complex frameworks of any kind which can then be completely collapsed to a fraction of their original volumes, moved to remote locations, and then instantly deploy themselves into their original framework/shapes. While not self-assembling , these systems are self-deploying; creating the possibility of 'pop-up' shelters of all kinds. As these INCA structures are dynamic and capable of shifting shape and loads, they will provide rapid-deployment earthquake-proof shelters for emergency and military field use.Recent preliminary structural analysis indicates INCA Domes will withstand blast-force/hurricane strength winds.

Please see the U.S. Patent #6,869,246 at and our websites at,, as well as for further details on this incredible assembly system. If produced on a tiny scale, these INCA systems can build 'connectorized' fabrics - arrays of dynamic micro-scale connectors capable of changing shape and color - a true 'chameleon cloak'! If assembled on a macro scale, we can build gravity -producing rotatable rings/toroids assembled on earth and self-deployed in orbit over the planet. This is a new, simple architectural building block that changes shape and is also bio-mimetic by design. Our present models prove and illustrate these concepts (see:

The applications for the INCA are myriad, indeed, as this is the Universal Assembler/Micro-scale assembly system sought after for a generation. We have statements from the Naval Research Lab [NRL] that say we could build a 'Cloak of Invisibility' if we could just find the backing for the project. NASA has said we have an answer to their questions on rapid-deployment shelters and rings for outer space, but the program managers "don't know how" to fund these activities-hence our application here.

The INCA patented claims allow for dynamic, shape-changing/morphing structures in any scale. These dynamic shape-shifting elements can be manufactured with available processes [stereographic lithography processes as well as e-beam / chemical etching] that will allow for components that not only change shape and color, but are also capable of communicating changes in their electro-mechanical status.

The INCA has received favorable reviews from National Aeronautics and Space Administration [NASA] Langley Structural Research Center [NASA LaRC], the Penn State Mechanical Engineering Department Dean [Dr. Ciocci], the United States Navy Naval Research Laboratory [NRL][Dr. Tenucci], and is being evaluated by various government and private agencies. We need strategic partners and funds to market this exciting new technology, develop computer-aided illustrations, as well as continue work on full-scale prototypes of our 'pop shelters' and modeling systems presently in progress.

Of particular interest to the engineering community has been the possibility of building INCA-type very large arrays {VLAs] for various orbital deployments: Solar VLAs, Radio Communication VLAs [antennae], as well as rotating , gravity-producing habitats for Earth orbit. As a fledgling technology in the present funding environment, we will need all the help we can get. Your comments, questions and suggestions are most welcome. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this program.


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