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The Tooth-Mover is not intended to replace braces. It is only intended to give slight adjustments to the visible teeth. It is built into a modified silicone mouth guard. When worn, the user chews on the mouthguard. This motion pivots a pair of steel arcs that move a pushrod to apply gentle pressure on the forward teeth. Over time, this chewing motion should correct slight irregularites in tooth position. The pushrod is secured with a ball joint, so the position of the pushrod would be easily steered by the user's tongue. The pushrod should be made from a hard rubber to limit the amount of pressure able to be applied. The carriage and the chew pads are an injection moldable hard plastic.

The user would wear the Tooth-Mover when web surfing, watching TV, driving, or any activity that didn't require conversation. The images show a tooth pusher version. Reversing the direction of the arcs and replacing with a hook-shaped pull rod would allow protruding teeth to be pulled back into place. There are only 6 pieces to the tooth mover. The silicone mouth guard, the pair of steel arcs, the chew pads, the carriage, and the push rod. Multiple pushrods would be supplied to push on different teeth. The mechanism would be molded into the silicone mouthguard in the relaxed position.

Adults with slightly crooked front teeth. This can also double as a mechanism to stop thumbsucking in children. The child's tongue can play with the mechanism and does not allow room in their mouth for their thumb.

The projected cost of the Tooth-Mover is under $50. This makes it available to lower income families that cannot afford proper dental care. Straightened teeth also tend to be healthier and encourage people to smile.


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