ImTECH™ - An immersive tool for rapid cognitive assessment

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The ImTEC system is a cognitive assessment tool comprised of a head mounted display and handset. The device is used to carry out early testing for Alzheimer’s disease and mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI). MTBIs include sports related concussions and combat head injuries such as those caused by IED detonations.

To complete studies, patients don a headset containing a display and speakers while using a two button handset to answer a series of pattern, spatial and reasoning questions. Answers and response times are evaluated to provide an accurate means of cognitive assessment.

The headset houses a display which creates a portable, immersive test environment. The handset contains a single board PC and serves as an input device for patients as well as study administrators. The embedded PC runs the interactive assessment software and provides sound and video to the headset.


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    Russell Kroll
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    Russell Kroll, Mark Londborg, Suzuko Hisata, Francis Garing, Lawrence Cathpole, Mitch Gillstrap,
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    Siemens NX
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    Reading, cycling, tinkering and making things!
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    We strive for simplicity and purposeful design.
    However, working on projects such as the
    iMTECH System are most rewarding. Through
    early detection, the system will likely increase
    the quality of life for many people effected by
    Alzheimer’s Disease and mild cognitive impairment.
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