Addiction Relief Self Help Kit

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Quit for All Addictions is a device and method that provides relief for those addicted to Nicotine, Drugs, Obesity and sufferers from stress.

The benefit of this product is the natural and safe relief for sufferers of the conditions mentioned above.

The novelty of this product lies in that it is a world first self-help kit that stimulates acupressure points with a 100% safe instrument specially designed for this purpose. It is fast, 100% natural and has a very high success rate.

As a self-help kit at home or anywhere you travel, this method provides the relief when needed most. Centres for assistance to those in need of counseling are being planned for most parts of the World.

The market potential for this product is massive - about 30 to 35% of the adult population is addicted to nicotine. Possibly about 50% of the World population suffer from stress.

The product comprises a mechanical stimulator and instruction manual with illustrated photographs of which points on the body to stimulate. It is manufactured from ABS plastic and fitted with a high speed electric motor to provide the correct vibration frequency. It uses 2 AAA batteries which can also be of the rechargeable type. One set of fully charged batteries is enough to last the full course of your quit program.

You use the device to stimulate 29 energy points on your skin which effectively removes the chemical addiction to substance abuse. By removing the craving for the addictive substance, the client can now much easier cope with the psychological issue to quit.

Supply and distribution of the product will be via normal pharmacy wholesale channels. The product will be available from all leading pharmacies. Authorized Kick the Habit Smoke Stop Centres will be setup to provide assisted counseling to clients in need of such support.

The retail price of the product is USD 35 plus USD 5 for delivery almost anywhere in the world. This price will ensure that even those who cannot afford alternative expensive programs can help themselves out of their misery. The standard product comes with CE approval and can also be supplied with FDA approval for an additional fee.

This product enhances your quality of life as it can rid you of your addiction at your own convenient pace without the help of anybody else or unnecessary medication. This natural stimulation is safe for all to use and save time and money being a self-help kit.

Huge improvements of the success rates of this product lies in the fact that the client addresses both the chemical dependence as well as the psychological issues regarding addictions - all by himself/herself which is the key to successfully quit the addiction. The decision to quit must come from the addicted himself/herself when he/she is ready.

The stimulator can also be used as a muscle massagers, a tapping device for EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), an alternative to needles for acupuncture treatments, an electric toothbrush (optional toothbrush adapter) or a vibrator.


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