Drip-free Interconnect with Unisex Magnetic Connector

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* Here is a product that improves the efficiency and quality of healthcare.

* The novel low volume fluidic interconnect that can be broken and reattached many times without any drips or residual fluid on either side of the interconnect in chemical environments is the "Unisex Magnetic Fluidic Connector".

* The novel Unisex Magnetic Fluidic Connector is resistant to specific chemistries, and is mass-producible using standard industrial processes like injection moulding and insert moulding.

* The novel Unisex Magnetic Fluidic Connector comprises a conduit for channelling a fluid under pressure, a shaft for stopping flow of the fluid, and an internal wall for biasing the shaft by magnetic repulsion force.

* The conduit comprises a ring magnet embedded in the port. The ring magnet is diametrically magnetised so that the port makes connection to a port of another conduit in unisex configuration. The shaft comprises an embedded permanent magnet, and the internal wall comprises an embedded permanent magnet. The shaft is capable of exerting force onto a shaft of another unisex connector in order to open fluid communication between two unisex connectors.

* Please refer to the detailed drawings of the Unisex Magnetic Fluidic Connector.

* Patent application "Drip-free Interconnect with Unisex Magnetic Connector" has been filed by the Solver for potential licensing.


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