Contactless Sleep Disorder Monitor

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Sleep disorders affect about 40 million Americans every year. This problem results in more than 38,000 deaths and costs $30 to $35 billion annually to the health care system. To address this problem, a Contactless Sleep Disorder Monitor (COSDIM) based on Doppler radar and electro-acoustic sensor technology is proposed. The COSDIM consists of a noncontact microwave Doppler sensor (MDS), an electro-acoustic sensor, compact electronics, and data processing algorithm to determine sleep apnea. The COSDIM can realize noncontact detection of heartbeat rate, respiration rate, body movement, and respiratory airflow of a subject. The data can be continuously stored in a removable secure digital (SD) memory card for further analysis of sleep apnea. The innovations in the COSDIM include design of a unique Doppler radar for noncontact detection of heartbeat, respiration, and body movement, design of an electro-acoustic sensor to realize contactless respiratory airflow measurement, and use of new spectral analysis algorithm to implement automatic sleep apnea detection. These innovations will bring the following advantages: (1) no disturbance to the measured person by use of noncontact sensors, (2) accurate diagnosis through measurement of multiple parameters, (3) detection of sleep apnea events through unique spectral analysis of the breathing signal, (4) reduced size, weight, and power (SWaP) compared with commercial sleep monitoring devices, and (5) easy to use by one-touch operation. As a result, COSDIM enables early screening of the presence of sleep disorders in home settings that will aid in the diagnosis of these disorders and enable their remediation. The MDS sends a directional low power (


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