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In modern life, people suffer almost regularly of back pain, headache, tired eyes after a long stay in front of a PC screen, sciatica etc. Worst, there is no solution for a private treatment at home, avoiding in this way losing time and money for a Clinic visit. The problem can be solved with a Pad emitting particular electromagnetics waves. The advantages of such therapy are well known, for instance: noninvasive treatment, no feelings during application, no risks of overdose or addiction, good results for all type of therapies including Parkinson's disease.
The inconvenience of actual equipment are due to their size, power emissions, price and specialist operation required.

Thanks to the new nanotechnology, the device controlling the Pad will be as small as an iPod and can be handheld in a pocket and used as needed. The emission power is of µWatt, that means 1million time less than an iPhone.
Thanks to a µComputer it can be easily programmed and used by everybody. The Pad does not need to be tied to the skin, it works well through clothes or plaster cast and 18 minutes treatment are enough in most cases. For a broken bone, instead, different treatments done during the day are necessary to fix it. Recovery will be 3-4 time less than schedule. In six days I can fix my broken rib cage with 20-25 treatments/day.
In case of tired eyes you put the Pad over for just 6 minutes. Eye irritation and headaches will be gone and view will be clear. Haematoma and scars will be eliminated with a few applications.
Frequently we have toothache with swelling, at weekends, and are forced to wait the next week for a dentist's appointment. Applying the Pad for 1 or 2 treatments, the pain and swelling will be gone. The dentist is still required.

Another important advantage of the device is that, with a particular Mask, it eliminates or reduces considerably wrinkles and acne. Important, you don’t need cream nor particular additive and you don’t feel anything. Results are proven after the first application. According to the age, 1 or 2 applications/w will be enough to maintain the results.

To test the market reaction, 100 units, for professional use, have been manufactured. A first version of the device, as small as a laptop, had been bought without hesitation by Physiotherapeutic Clinics in Switzerland and Italy and 2 Swiss Hospitals.
The device can be easily build by manufacturer equipped for small components assembly facilities.
The cost is related to the production volume. Patent will be applied as the construction will start.
Since you have results at the first application it will be easy to sell the device by Person-to-Person chain and on Internet.


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