Low Cost Wellbeing DX & TX Appliance

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This is a computer controlled diagnostic (DX) algorithm interfaced with an embedded flat coil producing a magnetic field of 45 micro-Tesla. The DX phase consists of use of the algorithm to characterize the human body-field via the flat coil placed within the body-field of the patient. The second phase consists of a treatment (TX) by energizing the flat coil within the body-field of the patient with specific frequencies according to the diagnosed disharmony in the body-field. The TX phase lasts for 30 minutes. The intent is to correct any disharmonies/mis-alignments in the human body-field. Both the DX algorithm and the TX protocol are patent pending. This appliance is compact, easy to use and of a relatively low cost. At this time, there is no similar appliance in concept that is being sold for healing purposes. None of the other appliances being sold have the type of TX protocol of this appliance and consequently are not as effective in harmonizing the human body-field!


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