BioChiller©, Biological Sample Storage and Transportation

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BioChiller© is a refrigerator/freezer for the preservation of organs, tissue or other biological samples or medicines in storage or during transport. It will use easily-changed rechargeable battery packs and electric motors, to drive a small Zero Pollution Heat Pump© (ZPHP©). Aerogel or other extremely efficient insulation, will minimize cooling load. "Smart" controls will adjust motor speed and duty cycle, to optimize battery life, based on current, real-time data. It will use GPS for data and route logging and tracking by the sender, intended recipient and device. It can also be plugged into the wall, for extended or permanent sample or medicine storage.

The BioChiller© will monitor, display and log container and heat exchanger temperature and battery level. A mechanical thermometer is provided for temperature readings in case of system failure. The BioChiller© also has a hand crank in hidden storage, that can be used to maintain container temperature indefinitely.

A green light will indicate that all systems are functioning normally. A yellow "Low Battery" light will indicate when the battery pack could be changed or charged with the AC/DC power cord in hidden storage. A red "Warning" light over the "Low Battery" light and a soft, audible alarm, will indicate that the battery must be changed or charged as soon as possible. A large red "Battery Failure" light and a loud audible alarm will indicate that the motors can no longer drive the ZPHP© and that BioChiller© temperature must be physically monitored and the hand crank must be used to maintain container temperature, if electrical power isn’t available.

Our biggest advantages over dry ice and other cooler-based medical transport devices is our virtually unlimited transport and storage time. The BioChiller© is simple to use where electricity is available, but it also works in the wild areas of the world. Users could plan to hand-crank their BioChiller© systems or they could take along several extra battery packs and use solar battery chargers to keep them charged.

The BioChiller© could be left open and used for an emergency drinking water supply, condensing water out of air. If the BioChiller© was placed upside down over a floor vent, it could warm a small room or a tent of blankets. Low-power, portable heating and cooling.

The BioChiller© has huge markets, from hospitals and clinics to sporting events and picnics. We’ll also apply the Massive Nibble© Zero Pollution Engine™ (ZPE©) to this technology, making an air conditioner that will allow you to get into a cool car or truck that’s parked in full sun; or be placed in your window at home, to provide Zero Pollution Air Conditioning© (ZPAC©) during daylight hours; and for no-idle systems in commercial truck cabs and in refrigerated trucks, trailers and warehouses.

The BioChiller© is small, clean, simple, easy to assemble and easy to test – perfect for home assembly. Like all our other products, Massive Nibble© hopes to put people to work making the BioChiller©.

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