Carbon bow crutch system

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Conventional crutches have changed very little over the past 5000 years, there have been many attempts to overcome the shortcomings of rigid stiff type walking aids, such as absorbent tips, spring's in the shaft, all with limited successes in storing energy. People with long term disabilities are limited to the range of travel with conventional crutches, due to the energy expenditure needed to propel the system. With conventional crutches the human body absorbs the energy from impact, with each impulse the forces is transferred and concentrated in and around joint area, especially the shoulder area. This type of Cyclical impact over time will damage your joints, not to mention your triceps muscles must compensate for your leg muscles, just walking a block can build up large amounts of lactic acid, which leads to cramping, soreness and then exhaustion. Conventional crutches to say the least are extremely taxing on the human body, and people with long term disabilities like myself struggle to even to walk across a room, quality of life suffers, until now.
The new carbon bow crutch system conserves 90% of the input energy. The mechanic's behind this system is very fluid and completely non-jarring through the three phases of motion, rotation, compression, translation.
With this new crutch system, you are able to walk and cover greater distances almost effortlessly. The carbon bow mimics the mechanics of a limb in motion, now people with long term disabilities can enjoy enhanced freedom of motion, with out the negative effects experienced with stiff conventional crutches, and quality of life is enhanced exponentially.
Some other benefits include a larger contact area with the ground, this is especially helpful with the elderly, the carbon limb does not experience fatigue and the spring force will always be constant.
Now people with long term disabilities can cover greater distances with out the exhaustion experienced with conventional crutches. I have been using my prototype for 8 Months, and my quality of life increased significantly. I am able to walk further, faster, and with 90% less strain on my body, the carbon limb does the work and stores the input energy for rebound, all and all there is no reason why people can not function as well as the able body now. I can walk all day long with my carbon bow crutch system, were as before, I was not able to walk down a hall way with out my muscle’s cramping, and my joints hurting. The carbon bow crutch system is a leap forward beyond the conventional. This system solves the short comings of conventional crutches. People with long term disabilities do not have to be delegated to a bed or a couch, because of the extraordinary effort needed to walk on conventional crutches. The ease and the fluid nature of this system combined with the energy storing properties of the carbon limb pushes the envelope of crutch design to a whole new level, welcome to the future.


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    Demetri Markou
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    Many different things can inspire my designs, I love to look to nature in particular, nature is ingenious, nature's design's are fantastically efficient due to billions of years of evolution in some instances.
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