Smart e-Stick

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Smart e-stick is an electronic interface which has been designed for the visually impaired people to make them walk more efficiently by providing the indication and voice message about the presence of any obstacles on their way. The stick also enables the blind man to become independent and also lead their life with less support from others. The design concept of smart e-stick can be considered as an improvement over existing electronic talking stick design of Chi-sheng and electronic white-cane developed by Alibaba Company, Taiwan. We have come up with the idea of Smart stick in order to improve the functionality of a basic walking stick. The smart e-stick can be operated in i). buzzer ii). Vibration iii). Voice play back modes. Vibrator circuit can serve the same purpose as buzzer mode for the deaf as well as blind. Thus, the user is free to use any one mode of the given outputs and also if required all the modes of the output depending on that of the surrounding conditions; thus it is a very user friendly module. Not only does smart stick support walking, but it also signals the user of an obstacle at 1meter distance by giving a buzzer output and/or vibration, also a pre recorded voice message using ear phones at every 0.5 meters indicating the distance of the located obstacle ranging between 1 to 5 meters. A simple gyro meter circuit is integrated to sense the angular location of 0-180 degrees of the obstacle and gives the voice response to the person. This smart stick is not the first invention but it is a specific innovation. In today’s market there are many electronic sticks available; but adding the additional features of assistive mobility with simple and low cost technology will definitely help in capturing a much large market in developing countries like India.


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