Accessible Medical Rescues

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The Base-Model volume is roughly 26-28 cu.ft. and can have a 4-6 Inch riser platform secured to the base supports for a 74.0 inch.
This is the Medical version of my Consumer ECO-Accessible entry and also built to be Fire/Explosion-Resistant to meet the new EPA Codes for Blood Storage in Medical Labs. The Modular concept makes the Fridge a Light-weight unit and its strength makes for a perfect Emergency Rescue unit to be flown into a crisis zone.Tool Free assemble reduces the Out-Of-The-Box time period to get it running,a Cordless design with a Power-bar interface and WiFi/iPhone system for a Field Hospital where a Generator can power the unit. My example of the Robot will be useful when RFID chips are placed in the Doors to fetch items if a person is ill and can't reach the fridge for drugs,Robots can also be sent into a Walk-in Cooler/Freezer to fetch items if the temperature is based on Cryogenic storage tubes. The Modular Power/Cooling unit can be shipped as a separate box for Military Medical units to be paired-up with the main Cabinet that can be Air-dropped by a chopper, the Shipping volume has 25% less Carton material which means that for every 4 fridges of equal cu ft. volume for other makers, I can ship 5 fridges which are also Lighter and can go by Cargo Planes.
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This version comes from my base-design and the easy assembly and fewer parts should keep the price under $2000.00 in full production and even lower after Federal and Military Contracts are filled to perfect the system and engineer-out flaws,or add newer features for Consumers.


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