Assisted Wheelchair for Physically Challenged

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Assisted Wheelchair for Physically Challenged is designed in Orange Research Labs, Hyderabad. The main motto of this project is to assist the physically challenged people. Here, we designed a wheelchair which can be controlled through the following means:

1) Tilt Sensor
2) GSM Modem
3) Voice Module

The total project was divided into three parts. One is the mechanical structure of the wheelchair, the second one is the electronic structure and the last is programming structure. In the mechanical structure, we designed a simple mechanical chair where it can move through two wheels and a small open wheel in the front. Coming to the electronic structure we designed a sensor module (Tilt) where through head movement we can control the wheelchair, and through GSM Modem the others can move the wheelchair to the required location this can be done from anywhere in the world. To the simplicity, we interfaced a Voice Module to the electronic structure so as to control the wheelchair through voice of the user. At last we integrated the required mechanical and electronic structures to one and another and dumped a simple programming structure to this. The programming tools consists of BASIC STAMP and the microcontroller here is PIC 16C57C.

In the Sensor Module, MEMSIC 2125 is used and it is interfaced to PIC 16C57C. In the GSM Modem, the data received will be transferred to the microcontroller. In the Voice Module, HM 2007 is used and it is speaker dependent system and the recognition style is isolated. We will interface the user data to the microcontroller. From the microcontroller, the data will be given to Motors through H-Bridge (L298D). The weight can bear up to 120KG.


1) Madhu Parvathaneni
2) B. Anil Kumar
3) K. Prasanna Kumar
4) Dheeraj Reddy
5) A. Lalasa
6) G. Mouna Reddy

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 8143553329


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