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More than 24 million Americans endure the pain of a Root Canal every year. A Root Canal, or Endodontic Therapy, requires a hole to be drilled in the infected tooth to facilitate the removal of infection. To remove infection deep within the canals of the tooth, Dental Professionals employ an Endodontic File.

Careful attention must be paid during the operation of this device to prevent perforation of the canal which can damage nerves contained in the gums and lead to chronic pain for the patient. Endodontic Files rely on a rubber marker to maintain a proper working length to prevent perforation from occurring. However, the marker is free to move during the procedure and often does so.

More than 80,000 Dental Professionals deal with the frustrations associated with the inadequate design of the Endodontic File used to conduct the procedure every day. The inadequacies of Endodontic Files derive from the inability to reliably maintain a consistent working depth via the rubber marker and no means for measuring the depth on the File itself.

The cutting-edge IntelliDontic File features an innovative, integrated locking depth gage marker that enables the ability to accurately retain an ideal working length. Additionally, the rubber marker incorporates a measurement scale to allow for quick depth adjustment to obtain the perfect working length.

The IntelliDontic File also features a contoured ergonomic handle allowing for comfortable positioning in the users grasp. Integrated into the handle is the parallel marker locking mechanism that allows the user to lock-in the desired working length of the File following adjustment of the marker. The lock holds the marker in place as contact is made with the crown of the tooth and eliminates the need for re-adjustment during the procedure. The handle also encompasses a cap overmolded onto the blade to ensure secure retention of the blade.

The one-shot handle and the simple three piece assembly allows for easy, cheap production of the file to keep the price competitive with the current market. The marker is placed on the overmolded blade which is then inserted into the proximal end of the handle until the cap presses into place. The stepped interior barrel of the handle retains the marker. The IntelliDontic File's working range meets and exceeds that of today's standards.

The IntelliDontic File reduces the risk of perforating the end of the canal and can help reduce the pain resulting from Endodontic Therapy. The 24 million annual procedures require multiple Files per patient defining a large market. A small penetration of the market for Endodontic Files can yield significant units of sale. The IntelliDontic File is an innovative solution to reduce risk, pain, and time.

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