Blood Pressure Signalling via 3G Modem

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Continuous blood pressure Monitoring and Signaling in case of emergency through 3G modem.

The system continuously monitors the blood pressure at predefined intervals and sends the blood pressure information to preloaded mobile number or to an emergency contact number, when ever the blood pressure goes beyond the normal range.

The system uses the auto inflatable blood pressure monitor with built in 3G modem. The 3G modem is preloaded with the emergency contact numbers and the ranges of the blood pressure. The inflatable blood pressure monitor is time schedulable and the time can be programmable.

The user can schedule the time at which it has to inflate to measure the blood pressure i.e. every hour or for every two hours and so on. When the timer arrives at the scheduled time the blood pressure monitor auto inflates and records the blood pressure. If the blood pressure is within the preloaded ranges then it will not send any alerts. If the blood pressure goes beyond the ranges then it will automatically alerts by sending messages to the emergency contact numbers


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    Suresh Somasekharappa
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    Blood pressure monitor with builtin 3G modem
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    C Language
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