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Introduction: Mobile technology, including everything from inventive applications for smart phones to simple text messaging, is increasingly ubiquitous in the world and holds great potential for impact in areas such as health. The potential of the mobile phone to transform healthcare in the world has been sparking enthusiasm.

Problems we solve: Improve collaboration and communication between healthcare workers and patients, improve tools for diseases and Epidemic outbreak Tracking, improve response time in the health field, improve patient monitoring and improve health sector productivity and flexibility

Solution:DoctorLink will be a secured mobile application that allows great collaboration and communication between doctors and patients with high resolution video, receiving X-ray images, providing a personal patient profile with sms reminders, capturing and transfering patient data to provide  patient monitoring and low cost health assistance around the world.

Technical Innovation: DoctorLink will be a high quality user-friendly secure application for health issues that can be run in a wide range of java-enable phones. It will combine high resolution video, enable to send and receive X-ray image, sms reminders options, patients personal profile, support Biosensor to monitor vital health in real-time, updating about diseases,drugs/medicines and payment services options.

Keys Features:– call - Biosensor Option to capture and transfer patients data to hospital – Option for Quality medicine control - SMS/MMS reminders - Send Sms, MMS to healthcare workers – High resolution Video – Securized Log On and password – Survey/open- questionnaires systems – Help function - Languages option - Agenda -Emergency call option – X-Ray Image – Personal patients profile - Doctor Appointment/Booking system - Payment option- Update diseases/Medicines option.

Benefits:Real times alerts,response time,Great collaboration and communication doctors & patients, Market Trends, Cost saves, Patient monitoring.

Where would this idea be applied?: This is idea can be applied in all regions around the world and represents a great business opportunity and offer the potential to generate enormous revenues and to save millions of lives around the world.

How does your design work? : DoctorLink enable great communication with high resolution video, SMS reminders,X-ray reception,Patient personal profile/personal medical information,Biosensor capture patient data and transfer it to hospital for an excellent patient monitoring, Payment bills at hospital,Update system for diseases and medicines.

Market: DoctorLink is a Mobile health application that address health services market. The size of market is very large and the area is virgin and need to be exploited, from
developing and emergent market to the market in developed countries. According to Mc Kinsley and Companies,a US based company, The global revenues from mobile health via mobile networks will reach $ 60 billion by 2011.

Market Trends: The most significant trend affecting our company is the growth of mobile application development and services. More and more firms recognize the need to take
advantage of the mobile application services and our products and services rely on this.

Customers: Hospitals,research centers, emergency centers, Governements, NGOs and patients.


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