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A device to replicate the natural DC electrical current that flows in outdoor environments through people and plants. The current replicated comes from atmospheric electricity and forms the return path from lighting discharges in other places on the earth. It is present during periods of clear weather. The value of the these currents is about 1 pico-amp per square meter.

It is quite possible that activities like golf and boating are enjoyed because of the exposure to these natural fields.

The unique characteristic of this device is it's very low currents of approximately 1 pico-amp. One indicator that very low currents are beneficial is the book "The Body Electric" where batteries furnishing fractions of micro-amps were used to assist bone growth. Other indicators include experiments in electrocluture where altering these natural fields is shown to assist plant growth.

The schematic shows a possible construction. A 2032 battery is used and Ohmite 5000 megohm resistors are used to obtain the required low currents. It is housed in a plastic box suspended from a necklace.

In practice the positive terminal is formed by a silver electrode and placed on the necklace to contact the back of the neck. The 2 negative electrodes also of silver are worn on the left and right large toe. This placement allows the largest area of the body to conduct the minute DC currents and still allows the wires to be hidden by clothing.

Of course there is the opinion that these currents are too small to have any effect. That may indeed be true but the simple fact that we have evolved in the presence of these currents makes their potential influence worth of study. Also important is the fact that up until 100 years ago or so people were never exposed to the field strengths encountered today.


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