Patient support system

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The view I submit is self explanatory. What I have is a harness connected to a patient. The other end is connected to a ceiling mobile track system connected to the ceiling via a magnetic skid. A motor within the skid detects directional movement and moves accordingly. For instance, this system would help patients move between their bed and a toilet, thereby preventing them from falling and causing more injury due to a recent surgery or from an age related weakness. The magnetic ceiling surface skid could also be adapted to many other mass production processes which require movement of heavy objects, beyond what a single railing system could provide. The magnets are of the permanent magnetic type.


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    Larry Lueder
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    Mechanical and electrical tinkering
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    Visit my website at there you will find many other ideas I have submitted. Designing new tools and vehicles has been my passion every since I can remember. I just hope the military one day utilizes one of my designs.
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