Maglipix™: Device Solution To Cholesterol Lowering

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Challenge:The following two statements reflect the drug therapy dilemma and current predicament regarding a large population of NOP (No Option Patients), who are either advised to stop any drug regimen or avoid treatment for the issues of high cholesterol and platelet aggregation due to drug induced hepatopathy, nephropathy or other physical conditions:
“...These liver diseases result in abnormally high liver biochemistry values, discouraging statin use by clinicians, fostering treatment discontinuation, and leaving a large number of at-risk patients untreated ... " [1];
“…Doctors have been left to figure out if Plavix will work in their patients and how best to protect them if it doesn’t. The confusion follows this month’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warning that Plavix may not work well in certain patients…”[2]
Solution: Maglipix™ is a first ergonomically designed portable medical device using aSMF technology as a DBT (Device Based Therapy) solution to cholesterol lowering and anti-platelet. It is intended to fulfill the gap of unmet health needs from those NOPs by providing an alternative for them to continue treatment with no known side effects. Maglipix™, a prescription device for home use, is equally effective in treating not only hypercholesterolemia, but also hyperviscosaemia with greatly improved hemo-rheological parameters concurrently.
Technology: aSMF (alternating Static Magnetic Fields) therapeutic device is developed on the basis of clinical findings from previous animal and human trials[3],[4]. The proprietary dosimetric and mechanical parameters have been established exclusively for Maglipix™, ensuring cogent therapeutic effects with replicable clinical results based on the clinical verification and empirical observations for the target indications. Maglipix™ consists of a casing and a designated treatment area, a DC motor with controller, a cylindrical magnet roller, which is formed with layers of axially stacked permanent magnets and ferromagnets. The roller with a quad-pole parallel circuitry rotates freely inside the casing at specific frequency in line with the DC motor axis, and imparts a non-uniform surface dynamic intensity of 0.4-0.6 Tesla. Maglipix™ is designed to fit specifically into the contour of cervical dorsa for nearby carotid artery and jugular vein to receive aSMF extravascular exposure.
Prospects: Maglipix™ is a first such device with optimal cost/value ratio for anticipative acceptance from major insurance or government healthcare carriers in view of the economical benefits in today’s cost conscious healthcare environment. The simple yet sophisticated modality is easy to produce and is highly marketable in terms of its efficacy and safety. Maglipix™ is expected to become a choice of therapy and a standard of care in the near future for all.
[1]. Calderon RM, et al, “Statins in the treatment of dyslipidemia in the presence of elevated liver
aminotransferase levels: a therapeutic dilemma” Mayo Clin Proc. 2010:4:85(4): pp 349-356
[2]. (WSJ March 23, 2010)
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