Consumer Wrinkle and Acne Reduction Laser

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SemiNex Corporation developed a low cost, hand-held laser system for treating facial skin wrinkles and acne. The device is available in lower powers for the home consumer market and high powers for general practitioner use. The wireless laser device is the size of an electric razor and contains a programmable controller, rechargeable battery, laser engine, and safety interlocks all integrated into the hand-piece. Prototypes are available now and formal clinical testing in the USA will be completed this Fall.

The SemiNex hand-held laser is based on the professional laser devices used by cosmetic surgeons for the past 10 years. The SemiNex system allows home users to achieve results comparable to those seen on popular TV shows such as Extreme Makeover, Dr. 90210, and America’s Next Top Model without the cost and trouble of traveling to see a plastic surgeon or cosmetic laser clinic.

The SemiNex hand-held laser uses the patented Laser Engine, a high efficiency laser, which has a heat-spreader, convection cooling device, and optical lensing element. The Laser Engine is available in 1470, 1532, and 1550 nm wavelengths and features an excellent power conversion efficiency of 45% watts/amp, offering 3 watts of continuous optical power from 6.5 amps of input current.

The SemiNex home laser allows users of all ethnicities and skin types to treat themselves weekly with laser light which is safe and virtually painless. Over weeks of use, the home user will experience the same cumulative effect as monthly visits to a cosmetic surgeon. Initial market research shows this to be a “must-have” device for teens with acne and 30-50 year-old women who commonly experience periodontal wrinkles as well as acne flare-ups. SemiNex will produce the laser device using high-volume manufacturing partners in Asia to ensure retail prices of less than $200. This price point is lower than all other comparable devices and enables the market segment to grow extremely fast around the world.


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