Air Splint Pump

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Air Splint with integral inflation pump
Problem: Current emergency medical air splints employ two methods for inflation. These are inflation by blowing through a straw or using an external pump. Both have drawbacks when trying to administer during an emergency situation. Both hands are required to inflate the splint, this process happens in the dark in many cases.
Solution: By making the pump an integral part of the splint. A flat tab that is a “bulb” pump is part of the splint. This pump is similar to those found in athletic shoes that enable the user to inflate the shoe for a snug fit. One hand in all that is required to inflate the splint, by squeezing the bulb. A relief valve is part of the pump tab to reduce pressure when required.
The tab, installed during manufacturing, adds little to the cost of the splint. The huge benefit of applying the splint faster and single hand inflation makes this a great improvement over current air splint technology.


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