BioReactor Air Scruber

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The world population every year continues to grow at an alarming rate and we are feeling the effects of it increasing more and more every day. More people means more housing, more cars, more energy, and more pollution. More energy and pollution are two that go together. The bioreactor air scrubber is here to counter act that. Bioreactors are not a new technology. Many people use them to cultivate algae for biofuel but my bioreactor aims to optimize the exchange of carbon dioxide into oxygen using algae and a new designed bio reactor. As a result is also optimizes the growth rate of the algae and therefore more fuel.
The bioreactor air scrubber will contain fiber optic fibers that hang inside the tube. Light passes through the fibers helping to diffuse the light. A reflector on the bottom catches the unused light and sends it back. As the fibers serve as a surface for the algae to grow around it creates a large surface area. This area allows for a greater air exchange. The bioreactor also contains a unique air flow system and diffuses the air through the tube. Two pumps control the air flow. One at the beginning pushing the air and one at the end pulling the air.
The bioreactor air scrubber will attract industrial areas and buildings. As governments crack down on CO2 emissions and start taxing on air pollution the air scrubber can help counter act the taxes. Also building who want to go green can buy a air scrubber and can receive and government incentive.
As a byproduct the air scrubber produces an abundance of algae. This extra algae can be collected from units bought by companies or buildings and brought back to the factory to be turned into fuel. In a way the bioreactor cultivates algae without actually buying land. I will gain money from selling the units and then gain more money for producing energy.


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