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This self contained highway lighting apparatus consists of a base made in the same cross sectional dimensions of existing "K" rails that divided the Highways. This base will have a hole that accepts the drop in style of this lighting unit. A Pole that slides into the base and held axially by means of a key slot at bottom of tube and a bar imbedded into the base. The Pole Assembly has a vertically axel wind vane assembly. And at the top of the Pole will be a High output LED Array encased in an enclosure. The cover for this enclosure will also accommodate a photovoltaic panel to complement power generation.
Conceptually the idea is to capture the opposing ...


An Invention of Bálint Szent-Miklósy
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Picking up trash in the parks or along roadways is one of the most inefficient tasks currently performed. Equipment given to Parks and Sanitation Department workers saves them from bending by using a gripping tool that lets them grab the offending object and place it in a receptacle. This requires the use of the hand to press a trigger and the movement of the whole arm to move one object at a time to a container. This approximately 5 feet of motion vertically and horizontally is repeated innumerable times wasting time and energy.

A similar device with 52 grippers is called “52 Pickup.” These 52 grippers travel – like zipper ...

Spacecoast Plasma & High energy Electrostatics Research & Engineering Laboratory (SPHERELAV

* SPHERELAB is being organized to attract new public and private funding to Central Florida by establishing a strong, innovative Plasma Science & Technology Program

* Plasma Research & Development has funding priority in Washington

* This program will develop 'Signature Instruments' to attract Faculty, Visiting Researchers, and Grad Students to the region

* Research Facility for Applied Plasma Science & Engineering

* High Performance Aerospace Power & Propulsion

* Terrestrial Environmental Alternative Energy Options

* Next Generation Radiofrequency Antenna Architectures

* Advanced Laser/Maser Systems Development

* Pollution Control & Resource Recovery

* Mineral Refining & Industrial Processing

Build a World-Class Plasma Lab

* Create a Nurturing R&D ...

The original idea was to make a small axial generator to fit on top of existing “Whirly Bird” axial roof ventilators. However, the effective swept area of a whirly ventilator is small and with a wind speed of 4m/s (annual Western Cape average) it could not be expected to produce more than 20 watts. Not a cost-effective proposition, but there are a lot of guys re-cycling various motors, magnets etc. who may be happy trickle-charging batteries for little or no cost using this idea.
Roof ventilators have relatively efficient rotors, streamlined, lightweight and with long lasting bearings. There must be some way of utilizing them for power generation. Tests show that the ventilators turn faster when the airflow ...

When the wind blows at 10mph it has eight times as much energy as at 5mph. At 10mph, traditional wind generators generate approximately twice as much as at 5mph. There is a lot of energy in the wind that is not utilized.
This generator (patent pending) consists of a hemispheric stator and a rotor with a number of hinged arms. At very low wind speeds these arms rotate around a very small diameter (small diameter,low torque). As wind speed increases, these arms are forced upwards into a larger rotation diameter (larger diameter, higher comparative torque). Because the rotation diameter is now larger, the Stator size has effectively increased in size. This results in an increase of electricity generation by ...

Sustainable energy sources, like wind and solar, are not as easily controlled as coal and oil. Powering the American economy off its environment requires an advanced computer system pulling in massive amounts of data, churning that data into a national model predicting both energy supply and need, and providing day-to-day stable control for the entire system.

Such a computer model must be very high fidelity in time and space so it will require the capabilities of a super computer yet it must be very reliable, particularly against the possibility of power outage at all levels and even a Corona Mass Ejection (CME) of historic proportions. This will require a distributed system able to function when broken into pieces and ...

Examination of many computer programs reveals that only a few logic structures are involved and that these could be placed on a device such as the FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array). This led to the development of the concept of a computer without machine code.

The new approach to computer construction has been simulated and it has shown that it is perfectly feasible. The computer without machine code consists of four very simple parts:

1. A basic language for application generation, from which is created a numeric string of single bytes describing the application. Provided certain rules are followed the language can be in any ethnicity or even in a discipline oriented schema.

2. A small set of additional ...

The invention addresses the technical aspects of electricity generating plants, specifically wind power plants.
One of the purposes of the invention described here is to propose a new architecture that reduces mechanical stress as much as possible by unifying all the torque and tip-over moments into a single bending moment along the vertical axis, and a torque moment normal to the vertical axis of the tower. This improves the plant’s durability and useful life.
This new architecture simplifies the structure of the plant as far as possible by reducing the number of components that produce torque or tip-over moments, or eliminating them altogether.
This also makes maintenance easier and more economical, enabling the plant to be put back into ...

Home air conditioning systems could get a boost in cooling efficiency by using swamp cooling technology.

One of the byproducts of air conditioning in the home is water, which is condensed on the evaporator core which cools the internal air. Rather than dumping or pumping this water away, we will collect it into a holding tank, easily done via gravity feed since the evap core is always at a height above the air moving blower.
By having a small pump which runs when the compressor runs, we can pump this clean water into a pressure distribution rail with atomizing nozzles which will spray the heat exchange coils of the external compressor unit. There will be two cooling actions, the ...

This is an adaptation of an ancient system used in the Peruvian Andes to filter solids and transport water since 5,000 years ago. It makes use of two free forces of nature, adhesion and gravity via the well known capillarity and siphon effects using fiber filled conduits.

The objective of this adaptation is the production of alcohol from agricultural products at a small scale using common materials obtaining great savings in material preparation and the energy required to heat big volumes of water uneccesarily. Currently most of the distillation units available make use of pumping, filtering, and heating big volumes of liquid.

Although this design was originally made for poor agricultural families in isolated places in order to produce ...

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