Solar iPhone USB Charger for a Bicycle

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I haven't driven a car since November of 2009 and I use my bicycle as my primary mode of transportation. During these past months I realized that my iPhone would run out of power while riding my bike using GPS navigation and stopping to take pictures, surf the web, play games, call, watch videos and listen to music. I then realized the possibility of attaching a solar panel and battery on my bicycle to charge my iPhone and any other USB enabled device.

The solar USB chargers that are currently available are not powerful enough to charge the iPhone directly from the sun. I am currently testing various solar panels and batteries on my bicycle to find the most efficient lightweight USB charging capability. I also plan to enable the battery to be charged from a USB port or AC outlet. Once I find the right type of solar panel and battery to reliably charge my iPhone I will then design a prototype that combines all the necessary features to charge an iPhone with a solar panel and battery in one user friendly package. After the prototype and test phase is complete, the final design will be created for mass-production. This product will allow cyclists to enjoy the advantage of their iPhones and other USB enabled devices on their trips without having to worry about running out of power.


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    Isaac Porras
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    weightlifting, running, yoga, bicycling, movies
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    Sustainability, renewable energy, alternative transportation
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