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Road-Guard develops mobile and in-vehicle Driver Attention solutions focusing on Fuel Economy and Driver Safety applications. Road-Guard is a pioneer of eco-intelligent “Horizon Predictive” technology with sustainable competitive advantage that helps vehicle drivers save in average between 15 – 25% of fuel costs, contribute to environmental protection and pay attention to critical road events in time to avoid traffic accidents. Road-Guard enables PND and phone makers, mobile operators, and auto makers to offer attractive and profitable value added services in line with customer demands for safer, fuel efficient and greener driving technologies.

Green-Drive™ is a mobile phone application that “senses” the nature and significance of current and impending road attributes that influence fuel consumption in relation to specific car makes and provides driver advisory on the most economical driving style.

Green-Drive uses patent pending "Horizon Prediction" technology that employs vehicle data, sensor and digital map technologies to "sense" impending road attributes and events, based on which driver alerts and in-vehicle instructions are given. "Horizon Prediction" platform uses digital maps that provide look-ahead capability, and contain road elevations, road curvatures, super-elevations, speed limits, traffic signs, lane information, crossings, accident hot spots and more. Satellite technology such as GPS/Galileo/Glonass and other optional sensors are used to measure vehicle location, speed and acceleration. Information on vehicle attributes is either entered manually into the system or retrieved automatically from vehicle computers. Road-Guard’s proprietary technology utilizes the Horizon Prediction data, relates it to current vehicle and road properties and applies eco-intelligent and individual driver related algorithms to improve fuel economy and driver safety. The technology created real-time data translated into safety and eco-driving advisory for drivers using mobile phones and PND’s, or alternatively provides vehicle computers with automated intelligence on the most economical speed to drive, most fuel-efficient acceleration and deceleration profiles, most efficient choice of gear and guiding engine computers for optimal cylinder management.

Green-Drive’s technology provides solutions to achieve improved fuel economy and energy efficiency to any vehicle powered by any type of energy, be it petrol, diesel, hybrid or electrical vehicles. The added value of Road-Guard technology is adding more miles per gallon or alternatively, per charged battery, in electrical vehicles.

Green-Drive’s purpose is to become a replacement of inconstant and often poorly efficient human "Driving Style".


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    Since it is impossible to ignore the effect fossil fuel consumption has on global warming, and the dire consequences we face if nothing is done, I am doing my bit for the environment, reducing traffic pollution emissions and producing less carbon dioxide (CO2), the main gas contributing to global climate change.
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