Creating a Better Energy Future

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Opportunities exist in clean alternative/renewable energy technologies for the repowering of a power hungry world.

Advanced Alternative Energy Corp. (AAEC) has developed a novel clean alternative energy technology with tremendous potential as the United States and rest of the world begins embracing clean energy. The AAEC Sequential Grates ™ system can utilize direct combustion, gasification and pyrolysis in the conversion of a wide variety of bulky fuels ranging from coal and biomass to municipal wastes. The technology can be very useful in co-generation systems, producing heat, electricity and biofuels, (depending upon the fuels processing techniques used). Some of the basic processes available in the AAEC SG technology require well controlled use of oxygen and some the ability to reach temperatures up to 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit and in some cases multiple atmospheres of pressure to reach full operational capability.

To develop and bring the technology to market, the company requires approximately $2 million in funding from state, federal and/or private sources. Once funding is in place, production of different size fuel conversion models will take from a few months for more simple and basic units to about one year for larger and more complex models.

Emerging growth companies delivering new clean-technology products and services now represents the next big wave of technology innovation. Over the last several years, venture investments in the entire sector have increased from less than 1 percent of total venture investments to nearly 10 percent.

Many financially stressed home, farm and business owners, incorporated towns, cities, counties and even states are throwing away energy when throwing away or disposing of mixed wastes and trash. Converting these low or negative value liabilities into higher value end products makes good sense as economists are quick to point out.

AAEC seeks to secure investment in the new concept fuels conversion system AAEC has developed and patented. The AAEC technology is capable of conversion of both fossil fuels and alternative biomass fuels and acting as a combustor or gasifier to recover as much value as feasible from diverse biomass and municipal waste resources in a cleaner and more appropriate manner, and in so doing empower the return of valuable products to homes, villages, towns or cities where such diverse materials originate.

The AAEC Sequential Grates ™ Fuels Conversion System is a manually or automatically auger fed or batch stoked system intended for and capable of ingesting nearly all forms of bulky biomass and waste fuels.

AAEC will develop, market and license the AAEC Sequential Grates technology after it is validated for the above use in the 2 cubic foot per batch scale.

Management's intent is to demonstrate and validate a solid fuels combustor/pyrolyser/gasifier as the platform for a complete turn-key system for production of synthesis or syngas and producer gas that can be scaled up or down and replicated to produce high value products (heat power and biofuels) by extraction of these from low value biomass and municipal wastes.


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