Ducted Turbine System

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Wind energy is becoming more prevalent in the world, and many advances are being made daily. My system would eliminate many problems people face because many communities do not allow or have great restrictions on wind turbines. This system would allow a duct system to collect air, speed it up, and turn a sealed turbine at the base(or other location). This system could be free standing or even part of a roof system built into the house at the time of construction allowing capture of wind up the roof surface and funneling down into the attic or even basement. This system would also allow the option of using that same wind to provide cooling in the summer by controlling the venting inside in summer and outside the house in winter.

Along with the simplicity of this system, it also allows great versatility and adaptability. The images show a squirrel cage system, but it could easily be adapted to an axial turbine within the ducts as well. The images shown could be used to retrofit an existing house without making modifications to the roof by allowing a funnel to gather wind from any direction and funnel down to the turbine and may be mounted along the side of a house or building, or even as a freestanding unit.

This method would solve several problems:

  1. Noise reduction
  2. Adaptability
  3. No visible blades so no hazard to wildlife or people
  4. Can be built to any house or structure and modified for the owner's needs.
  5. Cost, minimal cost driven by actual design needs and materials, though ducts may be made from metal, plastic, wood, or other composites.
  6. Expandable, the system may be built as a single unit, and additional ducting added later.
  7. Aesthetics, no visible turbine and the system may be hidden from plain view with only the collecting duct showing(even this may be well hidden if desired such as built into a ridge vent system)
  8. Ease of manufacture, system can be made using standard materials and manufacturing techniques.

There are many other qualities to such a system but the main advantage is it's ability to be designed into new construction and it's versatility, allowing for the potential for local resources to be used for much of the construction with the only manufactured parts being the actual turbine and generator, as well as the battery storage system and other control circuits. The system can be used for wind from any direction, or from one or two directions as desired.

I am currently in the process of building a system for testing though I am confident that such a system could be the future for total energy management for new and existing houses, combined with solar and other sources.




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