Solar Assisted Air Conditioning and Hot Water

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This idea combines 3 forms of energy usage into 1 yielding a reduction in electric and gas consumption. Heated water is used by every household and, in many parts of the world, AC (air conditioning) is used for several months of the year. Each Summer we are cautioned not to use electricity during the mid-day due to the power grid demand for AC. Normally an AC heat exchanger, either cement pad mounted or roof mounted, is used to exhaust the heated air from inside the building being cooled. By replacing the standard heat exchanger with a solar assisted exchanger (see rendering) power would be generated to run the exchanger fan which cools the heated copper coil inside the exchanger by solar cells. The rendering shows a tower unit that fits a standard cement pad. The solar cells are drawn to illustrate the concept, and would almost certainly be placed differently on the final design to maximize power generation. Additionally, a 2nd half inch diameter copper coil would interleaf with the quarter inch AC copper coil inside the solar powered exchanger. AC heat from the pipe would warm the cold incoming water and so, provide additional cooling of the AC transfer fluid. The half inch coil would be connected to the incoming (cold) water supply and output to any destination (hot water heater, pool, etc.) where heated water is needed. Less electricity or gas would be needed to heat the pre-warmed water. Powering the heat exchanger internal fan would be totally driven from the solar cell power with only occassional powering or control from an external source.


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