The Guacheta Eco-Dwelling

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The eco-dwelling will combine a number of fundamental factors that will together create a system of living that uses less energy, creates its own, and utilizes renewable resources and energies. The eco-dwelling would be a stylish, futuristic home that would be attractive to buys both for its appeal and for its practicality. The eco-dwelling differs from other current ideas because of its ability to create and recycle. The eco-dwelling would first be built mostly underground. This would not only keep the home cooler, but also allow for size without sacrificing the valuable land around the home. With well circulated cooling and heating vents, skylights, and a solar panel-lined roof, this home would cut heating and cooling costs to a fraction. In the backyard would be a compact and stylish wind turbine. This turbine would generate power for both the house and run a current through a small underground water cell. This would enable the eco-dwelling to both create a local and alternative source of energy, while creating a source of hydrogen for heating, cooking, and a vehicle. Burning hydrogen would be more cost efficient than heating a coil with electricity or other methods. The oxygen captured in this process would be used in the burning of hydrogen or other fuels for a more powerful reaction if necessary. Also located in the backyard would be a decomposition-dome. This small structure would house all acceptable trash and waste from the household. Lined with a solar voltaic membrane this decomposition-dome would create its own energy. This dome would then add bacteria and chemicals to the waste that would not only break it down, but also create useful byproducts, such as natural gas. This would also cut the costs of routine trash collection, and dump and landfill maintenance. Linked to a grid, this structure would be fed bacteria and chemicals while flushing waste. Another structure in the backyard would be a compact greenhouse. This greenhouse would be powered on the house’s own grid, and also provide food for the residence. This would cut costs of groceries, and also provide a factor of concentricity and sustainability.Parked in the drive way would be a multi-fuel vehicle that would allow Americans to move away from fossil fuel engines by a number of methods. This vehicle would also utilize the local fuels, with options of fueling by plug-in electricity, hydrogen, solar panels, or wind power. This car would have a compact turbine on both its roof and behind the grill. Resembling the blade of a push lawn mower, this turbine would create energy while the vehicle is being driven. Thus the owner could choose one of its many fueling options that are available and produced at his/her own home. This option of an affordable and practical middleclass dwelling would move America forward into an environmental and energy efficient way of living. This option not only answers many problems to today’s power crisis, but also does it cheaply and with a futuristic glamour.


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