Solar power generation with the Zero Pollution Engine

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The Massive Nibble© Zero Pollution Engine™ (ZPE©) will take solar power to a whole new level. It’s a new, very simple, much more efficient Stirling heat engine design, that can be made with a power density exceeding that of internal combustion engines and can be rebuilt indefinitely. It should weigh about 200 pounds and make over 700 horsepower (520 kW). The ZPE© is much more powerful than solar panels and it’s easier and less toxic to make and recycle. Photovoltaic solar panels will be relegated to low-power applications, since they can’t compete with our ability to make power from sunlight (3kW vs. 500kW).

The ZPE© is externally heated and makes power with the difference in temperature between a hot space and a cold space. It can use any quality heat source, solar, geothermal, waste heat or renewable fuels (trash, sewage, manure, bedding, etc.), turning pollution and disposal problems into valuable commodities. By converting organic waste into carbon-neutral fuel, waste disposal becomes both beneficial and profitable. We can use both sunlight and lava floes to make pollution-free energy for Hawaii. Provide bolt-on CHP for people who already burn renewable resources for heat.

The ZPE© can directly convert sunlight into rotating power to drive alternators or generators. We’d like to see you put a ZPE-powered generator in your yard (roof, balcony, window, etc.), so you get checks from the electric company instead of bills, enhancing energy security and reducing the need for new power lines. Our systems could save you money and possibly make you money, ensuring a rapid ROI. Carbon Credits and Renewable Energy Certificates earned with the "green" energy produced, could eliminate all system costs.

Using augers like those used to set utility poles, we can bury pipes in the ground and use compressed air energy storage for 100% combustion-free, non-toxic power. In areas with plenty of water, pumped-water energy storage could also be used. Wind power could also be used to help compress air and/or pump water on long winter nights and during stormy weather. You could also use the air to pressurize a room, if there’s a chemical spill.

We hope to license development and production of our engines to a wide variety of people and businesses. Create jobs by producing kits that enable people to make money by converting farm shops, basements, spare rooms and garages into parts production, kitting, assembly or sales facilities and/or by installing generator units. By sticking with the mature technologies of pistons, cylinders, crankshafts, etc., the tooling needed to make our engines is already on-hand in many locations.

Make this the last generation to see a fossil-fueled or nuclear power plant built. Create a sustainable economy, reduce demand for fossil fuels, end concerns about global warming. Improve the balance of trade and boost the economy by keeping money in local circulation. Make people energy-independent, so the world is a cleaner, safer place. Please give us your vote.


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