Harvesting Energy Inside a Combustion Chamber

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The novel product is a piezoelectric energy harvesting device mounted inside the combustion chamber of the spark ignition engine of a vehicle. The piezoelectric material is covered with a Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC) material to be protected against explosions inside the cylinder.

Already well-known, piezoelectric materials can produce electric power when deformed. Mounted on the piston upper surface, the piezoelectric material is loaded by a high amount of pressure, and consequently high amount of electric power can be generated.

Piezoelectric materials are sensitive to harsh environmental conditions. Especially, they cannot withstand high temperatures. Previously, piezoelectric material or other energy harvesting devices have been mounted only on safe situations. A little or no effort has been made to mount these devices inside hazardous environments, while these environments may offer extremely higher energy loss that can be harvested.

The proposed system is incorporated inside the engine cylinders of a car and harvests the mechanical energy lost. CMCs cover, which can isolate the piezoelectric plate, enables the piezo material to be used for this harsh application. The piezoelectric plate is attached to the piston using some modified adhesives.


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