Phoenix Pressurized Gas Turbogenerator Appliance

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The future, as we see it, is powered by the Sun.

From sub-kilowatt Personal Power to multi-Gigawatt solar grid arrays, PNGinc has beaten coal pricing with a pressurized gas turbogenerator that can roll back carbon emissions & cut end user pricing to 10 cents per kilowatt-hour worldwide.

As the world continues to demand more energy for daily living & national growth, we are no longer able to acquire inexpensive sources of fossil-based energy.

During the past decade, consumption of coal, oil, uranium & natural gas quadrupled, along with electricity prices. In the next five years, global energy demand will outstrip supply, causing prices to skyrocket, and crippling the ability of most people to pay.

Solar power - the ultimate solution - is viewed as "too expensive to implement." Photovoltaic technology & centralized CSP farms are reaching the limits of market penetration due to technical factors & this encourages continuance of unsustainable coal power.

After decades of designing & developing disc turbines and turbogenerators, PNGinc now has optimized, well-performing pressurized gas turbines ready for product level investment.

Our low-cost heat engines operate on steam or ORC fluids as part of an ultra-high efficiency CHP (combined heat & power) system.

Since electrical power is produced on-site, and latent heat is utilized for heating/cooling, total thermal efficiencies can approach 98% plus.

Similar in operation to common air conditioning appliances, systems using our turbogenerators derive heat from solar water heating systems, reflective troughs & parabolic dishes, geothermal steam, renewable biomass or waste heat.

Because of its simplicity, inexpensive construction, superior durability and infinite life capability, the Phoenix Turbogenerator is positioned as the better choice over photovoltaic panels.

Designed from the start for economy of scale production, PNGinc's turbogenerators fill a growing demand for earth-friendly appliances.

We see viable markets for solar turbogenerator appliances on all levels - from third world villages to DIY home owners in industrialized countries, all the way up to solar grid arrays that power major cities.

Applications include:

• Village electrification
• Off-grid lighting
• Residential backup power
• Micro-grids
• Distributed energy
• Linear solar grid arrays

This "free energy" appliance will fundamentally change the landscape of power production around the planet - and provides guilt-free "green power" for electric vehicle charging.

Product benefits include:

Energy Security
• Ultimate solar product to cut addiction to foreign oil
• Secure "emergency outage" backup system for hot water, lighting, refrigeration

Homeowner Savings
• Significantly lower utility bills
• Easy DIY kits
• Ultra-low maintenance
• Shorter payback period than PV

Energy Efficiency
• Surpasses SEER
• Very high efficiency cogeneration

Quiet, Reliable
• Back-up lighting that's always available
• Extremely high reliability
• Ultra-long product life
• No sudden blast of engine noise at start-up

PNGinc expects to work with investment partners around the world to rapidly move to production.

We envision economy-of-scale production, with pricing & manufacturing process similar to air conditioning pumps or food-disposal units.

Demonstration units may be viewed by potential partners.


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